Mr&Mrs Italy KV_上海奕欧来奥特莱斯
Mr&Mrs Italy KV_上海奕欧来奥特莱斯

Mr&Mrs Italy意大利夫妇


Mr&Mrs Italy interprets iconic garments with an Italian coolness, creating unique, high-end fashion items for women and men. Mr&Mrs Italy’s success is based on the capability to continuously research and identify styles with a strong tradition and a rich history. They are transformed in unique, fashionable pieces using handcrafted materials, often exclusive for the brand as well as sophisticated coloring and finishing techniques. All 100%made in Italy.

The Mr&Mrs Italy fur parka has emerged as the icon of the industry. Since 2007, the brand has been identified with the parka, a resistant and comfortable jacket, originally conceived for the

American infantry in the 50’s. Mr&Mrs Italy has enriched it with exclusive furs, while maintaining its original shape and details.

The Bomber strengthen Mr&Mrs Italy’s growing recognition in the luxury outerwear jacket.

The Mr&Mrs Italy bomber is a replica of the traditional pilot garment, complementing its bright original orange lining with colorful furs.

Season by season, Mr&Mrs Italy enriches its Collection with new unique pieces. Faithfull to the brand’s research for functional garments with strong personality, Mr&Mrs Italy developed new Field Jackets, Officer, Down Jackets, Shear lings, Hybrid coats, Trench Coats and a Ski Capsule.

Mr&Mrs Italy introduces an original re-interpretation of active wear. Classic work-out pieces find a new identity by combining sophisticated fabrics, intricate embroidery and luxury embellishments. Faithful to its original philosophy, Mr&Mrs Italy has chosen fabric exclusively designed for this Collection. Mr&Mrs Italy introduces a Denim line to complete the brand proposal. The Collection features Parkas, Jeans, Shirts and Bombers both for men and women. Mr&Mrs Italy has successfully enriched its proposal with a wide Collection of accessories. The Collection is composed by fur bags, clutches, colorful collars, hats and fur charms, both for men and women. Mr&Mrs Italy has designed a wide collection of shoe wear. The Collection is composed by a selection of varied styles, from sneakers to climbing shoes to fur slippers.