VF KV_上海奕欧来奥特莱斯
VF KV_上海奕欧来奥特莱斯
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Our Company

If 120 years of business has taught us anything, it’s that connections are everything.

We connect consumers around the world to the lifestyles, activities and experiences they cherish most.

We connect 50,000 associates to careers where they can dream bigger and reach heights they never thought possible.

We connect our brands through global business platforms, central resources and strategic investments that allow them to thrive.

We connect our communities to opportunity, paving the way for people and places to create a better tomorrow.

We connect with our industry peers and other partners to tackle some of our most salient issues, like climate change and the safety and dignity of millions of factory workers worldwide.

Connections are at the heart of all we do.

What or who do you want to connect with? And what impact can we have on the world, together?

Let’s connect—and find out.